Homer Nottingham

Qigong/Tai Chi with Homer-Pioneer Park
10 am Join Us!

Tai Chi  & Qi Gong

Call  530 263 1627 for dvd's  or email homer at homer@homernottingham.com


Hello Qigong/Tai Chi Players:

Thank you so much for your continued support. I really appreciate your wonderful attitudes in the Park. 

We have been able to donate to some extraordinary organizations. This year we have provided $500 for the Susan B. Anthony ladies breast cancer and over $3000 to the new Senior Center in GV. 

Our next donation will be the first Monday in August. All of the class money that day will be donated to the Gold Country Kiwanis to sponsor needy children for "Back To School Clothes". 

It costs $125 to sponsor each child. In addition to the class money, if you would personally like to sponsor a child that would be great. If so, please make the check out to "GC Education and Youth Benefit" and it is deductible. 

We live in a great community and support each other every way we can.


Class Schedule

Classes Monday-Wednesday-Saturday 9-11 am

*** All classes held at Pioneer Park ***

Class Fee Only $5 for one hour or both hours.
All are invited to any of our classes-- no experience necessary.


Qigong 10-11 am

Our most popular classes for brain ftness, immune system, physical ftness, strength and balance, easy and fun!! Wear comfortable clothes. A fun and informatve class for health and wellness.



“8 Brocades” Qigong with “Easy Ageless Tai Chi” Healing Sounds, Laughing Qigong



“Medical” Qigong with “Easy Ageless Tai Chi” Healing Sounds, Laughing Qigong



“8 Brocades” Qigong with “Breathing Exercises” Healing Sounds, Laughing Qigong

Tai Chi 9-10 am



Intermediate level 48 Step Tai Chi Form



32 Step Tai Chi Form



24 Step Tai Chi Form
All levels welcome – great for beginners.

Join us today!
“12 Weeks to a Healthy Body, Strong Heart and Sharp Mind!!”